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Bioverge offers diverse ways for our clients to invest: through Deal-by-Deal opportunities, Bioverge Access Funds, and Bioverge Access Funds. Sign up to view exclusive deals on the Bioverge platform.

A vital component of premier portfolios.

Investment managers and institutional investors routinely use venture capital to diversify outside of stocks and bonds. Additionally, investing in healthcare venture capital provides the following benefits:

Portfolio Diversification

The average institutional investor has up to 30% of their portfolio in alternative assets, compared with 5% for individuals, despite the benefits of diversification across asset classes.

With Bioverge, you can diversify across technology types, disease areas, and stage of development.

Enhanced Returns

As an asset class, venture capital has generated attractive risk-adjusted returns over time, which can help you achieve your long-term financial goals.

The median net IRR for early-stage healthcare venture capital funds is 19.2%, suggesting these investments have a high potential for returns.1

Reduced Volatility

Venture capital does not typically suffer from daily price fluctuations. Its low correlation to both stock and bond markets can provide portfolio stability.

Tax Advantages

Investments may qualify for long-term capital gains tax treatment, and QSBS tax benefits, which can provide up to a 100% break on capital gains taxes.

Institutional healthcare venture capital experience for individual investors.

Bioverge empowers investors to invest in high-quality companies vetted by rigorous, institutional due diligence alongside us and other top-tier co-investors, at the same terms

Data-Driven Investing

Bioverge is leveraging an artificial intelligence-driven diligence process to select the most compelling early-stage healthcare investment opportunities

Simplified Access to Premier Investments

Invest in a healthcare venture capital fund that reduces barriers to institutional-quality assets more efficiently and with low fees.

Invest alongside top-tier venture funds, at the same terms.

Simplified Access to Premier Investments

Invest in a healthcare venture capital fund that reduces barriers to institutional-quality assets more efficiently and with low fees.

Invest alongside top-tier venture funds, at the same terms.

Low Fees, Low Friction

Bioverge offers investment access and typically charges lower fees than most venture capital firms.

1 Source: Cambridge Associates,  Back
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