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Diversified portfolios for investors who want focused exposure.

Similar to our Access Funds — a one-and-done portfolio of emerging startups — focused on a specific technology or disease areas, such as longevity, digital health, oncology, neuro, and more — each managed by our experienced investment professionals.

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Bioverge Access Fund I



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Bioverge Access Fund II

15 Startups • 3 Exits



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Bioverge Access Fund III

15 Startups • 3 Exits



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What an investment in Bioverge Funds offers you.

Access to Experience

Leverage Bioverge’s decades of institutional experience and broad healthcare-focused network and invest alongside leading world-class venture capital firms, institutions, and other professional investors.

Instant Diversification

Invest in a diversified portfolio of emerging healthcare startups around a specific technology or disease area to build wealth more efficiently.

Are you interested in longevity, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, or AI? If so, our Thematic Funds may be for you.

Focus on Alpha Generation

Access a portfolio carefully constructed to outperform by seasoned healthcare investment professionals. Each opportunity undergoes a specialized diligence review leveraging subject matter expertise and requiring professional co-investor participation.

What an investment in Bioverge Funds offers you.

Simplified Access to Premier Investments

Invest in a healthcare venture capital fund that reduces barriers to institutional-quality assets more efficiently and with low fees.

Invest alongside top-tier venture funds, at the same terms.

Streamlined Diversification

We do the heavy lifting. With a single investment, the Bioverge professionals will build you a diversified portfolio of emerging healthcare investments with unique potential for both outsized investment returns and outsized impact on the world.

Exclusive Access

Bioverge Funds have preferred access to all Bioverge deals, including pro-rata and special one-time opportunities. Fund investors also enjoy discounted fees when participating directly on a deal-by-deal basis.

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What are Bioverge Funds?

Bioverge Funds allow investors to access 15 or more companies via a single investment. Our Bioverge Deal-by-Deal products, by comparison, typically invest in a single deal/company. Diversification is a benefit of the Bioverge Funds, as investment risk may be spread across multiple assets. Additionally, investors in Bioverge Funds can access healthcare venture capital opportunities on a wider scale than they might otherwise be able to by making individual investments.

How does investing work?

Once you create an account, you will be able to review our investment opportunities. Once you’re ready to invest, our platform will prompt you with any questions necessary to complete your investment documents online and how to fund your investments.As an investor, you will have access to your portfolio details and you will receive quarterly updates on how your investments are performing. If an investment exit is realized, you will receive associated distribution income or public shares.

Can international investors participate?

Yes, international investors can participate in Bioverge Funds. Our offerings are conducted under the SEC's Regulation D, Rule 506, which allows for participation from both domestic and international investors, provided that they are accredited and comply with the regulations of their respective jurisdictions.

How are my investments protected?

Each Bioverge Fund is a limited liability company (LLC) that invests in private securities offerings and is managed by Bioverge. We act as the decision-maker on your behalf, handling the day-to-day operations. As a Bioverge Fund investor, your investment is held in the form of ownership interest in the LLC. If something were to happen to Bioverge (the company), you would still maintain your ownership of the LLC and the entity’s underlying investment holdings.

1 Data as of March 31, 2023. Returns shown for each Access Fund reflect the fair market value of investments as determined in good faith by Bioverge according to our stated valuation policy (see Investor Disclosure for additional information). Unrealized investments are recorded at cost, and are only re-valued upon consummation of an arms-length transaction, either an Up-round or Down-round in a portfolio company, in accordance with this policy, or written off as a total loss if Bioverge so determines. Up-round generally means a financing subsequent to Bioverge’s investment has occurred at a higher per-share valuation (more favorable) than our original investment. Downround generally means a subsequent financing has occurred at a lower per-share valuation (less favorable) than our original investment. Realized values are based upon an amount received in the event of an Exit (such as an acquisition by an acquirer) or an initial public offering (IPO), or similar proceeds. Exits are based on gross distributions available at the time a transaction closed and include escrows and amounts receivable at a future date but do not include contingent compensation that may not be realized. Unrealized MOIC and Unrealized IRR are metrics describing the total Fair Market Value (FMV) or “paper valuation” of the investments. This includes realized distributions already paid out and unrealized changes to a company’s valuation based upon a closed financing round and includes probability-adjusted future milestone payments. Except for realized returns, there is no assurance that any additional value can be obtained in the future. Back
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